Last week of preschool

Goodbye preschool… Have a nice summer! Some of us will see you again in September. All the classes had their final goodbye lunch this week. For the 4’s class Ruby hosted us at her home and shared her beautiful home and friendly pets!

Yoga with Yoga Buttons

The 4s pm class got a huge treat yesterday when Carolyn from Yoga Buttons paid them a visit.

Carolyn came with colourful mats in hand and yoga on her mind.

She led the kids in an hour-long yoga session, with fun props like feathers, scarves and stuffies to keep them interested.  They mastered the downward dog, breathed like lions and fluttered like butterflies.

At the end of their class, the kids were gifted with stickers, pencils and ‘button’ tattoos.  Outside the sun was shining.

All in all, a perfect afternoon for these Little People.

Jericho Beach

What a lovely field trip to Jericho Beach. The weather was perfect and all the critters and wildlife were out in full form. Ducks, rabbits, crabs, starfish and even a few otters that had found a home in the pond!

Snack time!

One of my favourite parts of Little People Preschool is snack time! I love that the teachers encourage a variety of different fruits and vegetables. My daughter comes home from school and I always ask her: “what did you have for snack today?” I love hearing that she had coconut, star fruit, green beans, cauliflower, fennel, purple sweet potato or edamame beans. These are foods she may not eat at home but in the presence of her friends and teachers suddenly finds these foods exciting and delicious. Occasionally I hear about how she made sushi and rolled up the seaweed herself, she cooked kale chips in the oven with her friends or she boiled up vegetables in a soup. Food is such an integral part of our lives and is the fuel we survive on. What better way to teach our children about food than with their friends and teachers?

We Love Science!

What a fun general meeting we had this week when Hilary Feldman came to teach us a little “Kitchen Science” and showed us different activities and “experiments” we could do with our preschoolers – especially on those cold, rainy days – using simple ingredients that we already have in our kitchen!

One recipe for fun is taking some cornstarch, mixing it with water and letting the kids go at it.  They can manipulate it into a solid ball and then once they relax their hands, the substance oozes through their fingertips…a hit with most preschoolers I know.  It only comes with one warning and that is to be sure not to wash it down your kitchen sink.  It may not be good for the pipes, but it’s good for some gooey FUN!