O.W.L. Comes To Visit

We had two special visitors come to preschool today, both permanent residents from O.W.L., the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Delta.

First we met “Snoopy”, a Saw-Whet Owl who was found injured in a parking lot in Richmond in 2007 and is unable to be released to the wild due to head trauma that he received.   What a cutie.  The children got the chance to ask many questions about Snoopy and made their own observations, for example, that someone should really come up with a helmet for owls.

The second guest we met was “Katie”, an American Kestrel that has lived at O.W.L since 2009.  She is very comfortable with people, so was most likely a pet before she came to O.W.L.  She loves being a part of the Education Programme and shows off by puffing up her feathers.  We all got a special treat when Katie decided to spread her wings and fly around a bit, showing us why it’s important she always has a leash on.

For more information about O.W.L., check out their website at www.owlcanada.org


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