About Parent Participation Preschool

What is a Parent Participation Preschool?

  • A safe, creative learning environment for growth of children and parents
  • A non-profit school
  • Is founded and maintained by parents
  • Employs a fully qualified and licensed teacher.
  • Provides a rich variety of materials, playmates, and experiences
  • Provides an atmosphere in which children can feel proud of their cultural heritage, and cultural sharing is encouraged.

What are the benefits of Parent Participation Preschools?

  • Provides parents with a quality educational experience for their preschool children.
  • Provides parents with the opportunity to increase their parenting skills and share information and experiences about child rearing with other like-minded parents.
  • Provides free monthly parenting seminars.
  • More affordable than privately owned schools.
  • Parents are directly involved with their child’s first preschool experience and particpate in the administration of the school.
  • Participation in the classroom (duty day) 1 or 2 times per month. Another care giver (nanny or grandparent) may act for the parent.
  • Provides a high adult/child ration (1-5 for 3 year olds, 1-6 for 4 year olds). Children range in age from 32 months to 5 years old.