Teacher Janice
Janice Rau joined Little People’s Preschool in 2013 after several years of teaching experience as an Early Childhood Educator. She believes that preschool is a pivotal time for a child’s growth, socialization and learning. She has the innate ability to make every child feel comfortable, secure and respected. Children enjoy her friendly and energetic demeanor, and are drawn to her attentive and patient manner.

Janice loves to create and implement lessons that aid children in finding their own skills, interests and innovative abilities. For instance, Janice creates and teaches art activities for the children every week. These lessons are significant and enjoyable for the children and allow them to display a strong sense of creativity.

Janice not only feels affection for and enjoys children, but also understands how important school activities are since they help children learn on their own and be independent, which play an important role in shaping their future success.


 Teacher Lisa
Lisa Gibeau joins Little People’s Preschool for the 2017-18 school year, in order to cover the maternity leave of Teacher Alexandra.

Lisa has her Early Childhood Education certificate, Infant and Toddler certificate, and Special Needs certificate, as well as having taken many workshops and much additional training pertaining to working with young children. She brings to Little People’s seven years of early childhood experience since completing her ECE training at Capilano University.

In her spare time she likes to travel and hang out with her almost 2 year old nephew or her boyfriend of 8 years.



 Teacher Alexandra (On Maternity Leave for 2017-18 School Year)

Alexandra BagnallAlexandra Clark joined Little People’s Preschool in 2007. She obtained her Early Education Childhood Education Diploma from Langara College in 2006 and has her Ortin Gillingham teaching certificate. She is the recipient of the 2009 Child Care Award of Excellence for Promising New Early Childhood Educator.

Growing up in a close-knit family has had a significant impact on Alexandra’s desire to work with young children and their families. In particular, she felt the preschool years are essential development years in which we must create a positive social and learning environment to prepare children for kindergarten and school. Alexandra has a strong commitment to the philosophy around parent participation as she recognizes the impact of family on a child’s growth socially, emotionally and academically.

Alexandra’s focus at Little People has been to foster an environment in which young preschoolers can thrive in a creative and play-based community. She is known to be fun-loving yet knowledgeable and approachable. She is level-headed and compassionate. Alexandra prides herself on having open and honest communication with the families and the teachers at the school. Alexandra believes in getting down to a child’s level and building on their individual interests and personalities. She makes every day experiences teachable. She fosters social bonds between the children. Alexandra also believes that each child deserves to have a space where they can feel comfortable and safe, allowing them to explore, create and develop.

Alexandra attends monthly professional development workshops and monthly parent education seminars. She is involved in teaching college students in ECE programs during their practicums at the school. Alexandra’s vision for Little People Preschool is to continue to bring families and communities together. She wants an inclusive and accessible school for parents and children.


Teacher Alexandra is the recipient of the 2009 Child Care Award of Excellence for Promising New Early Childhood Educator.