Playing is Learning!

Each day at Vancouver’s Little People Preschool, the teachers include and encourage a hands on program full of opportunities to expand on each child’s sense of wonder, and to answer the never ending questions of how and why do things work? Little People is a hands on learning environment. View classes here.


Little People’s Preschool is suspending operation as of Dec 31st, 2017 to explore restructuring. We are therefore not taking any registrations at this time, but hope to re-open in Sept 2018.  We will provide updates here as appropriate.

Thank you for your interest.

Here we play to learn and learn through play. In surroundings that are bright and colourful, areas are set up to encourage all types of play. We are a busy and active group, questions are asked and we are always there to answer. Our school encourages each individual to grow and become aware of others. Emphasis is placed on being considerate and learning that each child has an important place in the group. We promote and expand on children’s self awareness, self confidence, inquisitiveness, socialization, and fitness. Together the parents and teacher are a team that is always there for the children.

Children from our program go on to a variety of schools in the Vancouver area, including Kerrisdale Elementary (Main and Annex), Maple Grove, Quilchena and Kitchener, in addition to private schools in the area.

Childcare subsidies are available.

“We’ve been at Little People’s Preschool for four years and have enjoyed every minute! The teachers bring all their creative energy to the classroom, allowing the children to grow and learn through playing and interacting with the other children. And being a parent participant school, we’ve met so many wonderful families. It’s been an amazing experience for everyone.”

- The Wood Family