This little gem of a preschool is well known on the west side of Vancouver. For over 30 years it’s been a fixture in the Kerrisdale/Dunbar area, with fabulous teachers, a bright, open and airy space, and a great community of parents.
Imaginative play is the order of the day at Little People. Yesterday camping equipment was set up all around the preschool, and the children loved having snack in the tent. Today they visited the local fire hall, where they got a tour around, talked about fire safety and even got to use the firehose!
The teachers are adept at incorporating the childrens’ ideas and interests into the flow of the day. No worn-out recycled “theme months” here! No run-of-the-mill preschool pets either; for a number of years Ernie the Lizard was a wonderful, patient, gentle friend and pet to the kids, and this year they watch the walking-stick terrarium with great fascination.
My kids have made great friends here (and so have I). I’ll be sad when my last child leaves, but Little People will always have my heart!

- Little People family

Great school, great teachers, and great parents! We’ve been there for four years and have two more years to go, and we love it. The teachers are creative, interactive, and love to do just about anything with the kids. We’ve experienced Hawaiian parties, making pasta, painting with potatoes, playing dress up, sawing/nailing wood, and the list goes on and on!!

- Little People family

One boy thru and another about to start… this preschool has a great play based atmosphere. tons of options for the kids to play with and do, amazing field trips (for the 4yrs), and the teachers are perfect at bringing out the “shine” in each kid… For me this was and will be a great place for my sons.

- the Macintyre Family

It is our daughter’s second year at Little People Preschool. We can’t say enough about this preschool. The preschool itself is spacious, cozy and clean. The teachers are fantastic and it attracts a fabulous group of parents that are all devoted to the their kids and the school. Our daughter comes home full of new knowledge and bubbling with stories. Most importantly we see her thriving socially and gaining confidence by the day thanks to devoted teachers that really understand what it takes to turn toddlers into bright, curious, caring young children ready to face the challenges of elementary school.

- the Pitfield Family

“We’ve been at Little People’s Preschool for four years and have enjoyed every minute! The teachers bring all their creative energy to the classroom, allowing the children to grow and learn through playing and interacting with the other children… We’ve met so many wonderful families. It’s been an amazing experience for everyone.”

- The Wood Family

This will be my fourth and final year…at this great preschool and I know I will be extremely sad come next June when it ends. Both my sons have gone to Little People’s Preschool, my youngest currently in his last year. I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone who loves being a part of their child’s education and who appreciates a play-based curriculum with teachers who really care and who are extremely creative in their thoughts and how they teach the children. The children learn by doing. It is a very hands-on preschool with a very go-with-the-flow attitude that suits me and my boys. I have met some great people here, some who I know will remain friends for years to come. There is never a dull moment at Little People’s Preschool.

- the Fletcher Family

Amazing school and teachers. This will be my 2nd yr and my little one LOVES it!!!!!!

- Chloe Kidd (Nevaeh’s mum)

Both of our boys have attended Little People’s Preschool and we feel so fortunate to have found this gem of a school in our neighbourhood. Every day there is something new to explore, whether on the science table, the “office” and house play areas or climbing apparatuses – perfect for curious young minds. The teachers are not stuck to a stagnant calendar routine, but circle times are full of lively, age-appropriate discussions about what is happening in the world and in the kids’ lives. They go on really neat field trips and incorporate many different cultural celebrations. As a mom, I have loved being involved in the preschool and for the opportunity to watch my children interact in the preschool environment. Little People is a school where the whole family is involved and supported.

- Stephanie Kauffman

“The teachers and facilities available at Little People Preschool are just what I was looking for in a preschool for my nearly 4yr old. I would recommend LPP to all my friends and family….There is a great sense of community there.”

- Lindsay W

“Both of our children have had a wonderful experience attending Little People Preschool. It has a warm, accepting atmosphere, and…provides a real sense of community. The teachers have great energy, and are skilled in adapting activities to suit each situation and child’s interest.”

– Jan D